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Shas'ui Fal'ras was a Battlesuit pilot of the T'au Empire. He was a member of one of the strike teams led by Commander Bravestorm during the defence of Dal'yth from an invasion by Imperial forces in the Damocles Crusade.[1]

As Bravestorm's cadre engaged the Imperials in Gel'bryn City, a Space Marine drop pod landed nearby. Moving to investigate, the t'au encountered the pod's occupant: an Ultramarines Dreadnought, which attacked the t'au. Most of Bravestorm's strike teams retreated but Fal'ras stood firm and tried to bring the Dreadnought down with his plasma rifle and fusion blaster, to no avail. The Dreadnought was then able to grab Fal'ras's battlesuit with his fist and both suit and pilot were impaled and crushed to a pulp.[1]