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Fal'shia is a Tau Sept, a world within the Tau Empire. It was founded during the first Tau expansion.

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map fal'shia.jpg Name Fal'shia Fal'shia Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: First
Location: Eastern Fringe Fal'shia Fire Warrior.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Sept Informations

Sept Colours
Dark red
Uniform Variations
Red, light brown


The Earth Caste of Fal'shia are renowned for their artisans and problem-solving. A good number of the Tau Empire's technical innovations were developed on this Sept.[3][4] Fal'shia is also known to have vast quantities of munitions factories.[6]

Forces of this Sept were involved in the Kaurava Crusade, commanded by Or'es'Ka.[1]

The famed hero Commander O’Shi’ur was killed fighting in the battle to save Fal'shia from a Tyranid invasion.[2]

Fire Caste warriors from this Sept are often the first to try out prototype armour, weapons and system upgrades, perceiving this as a great honor despite the casualties and malfunctions.[5a] They are more rerstrained and cerebral then warriors from other Septs.[5b]