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Falcon's Claws

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Falcon's Claws symbol

The Falcon's Claws were White Scar warriors during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy

The Falcon's Claws were warriors that excelled at reading the battlefield and were able to determine where the Legion's enemies, were most likely to launch their attacks or defense. Before the White Scars' battle took place, the Falcon's Claws were deployed far ahead of their Legion and began acting as long-range scouts, ambushers, assassins and harriers against their foes. They would attempt to eliminate key commanders, mark key points of assault and destroy supply routes - all of which they reported back to their Legion. When the White Scars' attack finally began, the actions of the Falcon's Claws had shaped the battle to their Legion's advantage and helped ensure they were victorious. This was not the end of their duties however, as the Falcon's Claws were then charged with pursuing and slaughtering any surviving enemies, that escaped the White Scars' attack.[1]

Equipped with Cameleoline Recon Armour, the Falcon's Claws went into battle with twin pairs of Lightning Claws and Grenades, though some also wielded Thunder Hammers, Power Fists, Hand Flamers, Plasma Pistols, Bolt Pistols, Power Weapon, and Volkite Serpentas.[1]