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Family Longsorrow

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According to their family histories, the family Longsorrow were brought to Watch Fortress Erioch for interrogation and execution by Inquisitor Horosa Barnabas eight generations ago. Fortunately for the Longsorrow the headstrong Inquisitor Barnabas met his demise before due prosecution took place. Soon after, subsequent findings completely exonerated the Longsorrows of any wrong doing.[1]

Unfortunately, while theoretically free to go the Longsorrows could go nowhere, as they would not be allowed to leave the fortress alive. Instead the Longsorrows have gathered other masterless servants to their clan and settled into a kind of stewardship of the Tower of Brass. They have become chief among the servants in the tower and have gained a reputation as excellent (if dour) servants. The Longsorrows are as equally at home selecting appropriate vestments for a high function as they are ensuring that sufficient power cells are packed for a lasweapon. They are philosophical about their circumstances in moving from suspect to servant, and maintain a demeanour of subtly wounded pride that they should ever have stood accused in the first place.[1]