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Fanatic Online 001-009

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This page is for issues 001 to 009 of Fanatic Online. Fanatic Online is the magazine devoteed to the Specialist Games division of games for Games Workshop. Descriptions are from the official Fanatic Online article descriptions.

Issue: 1

"Pick A Card, Any Card…"

Author: Wayne Rozier
Description: "Magic Item & Tactic cards for Warmaster"

"Avicenna’s Warband"

Author: Peter Bell
Description: "We take a look at a nicely painted warband, complete with background."

Official page

Issue: 2

"Emil Van Venkman"

Author: Graham McNeill
Description: "Desperado sample character"

"Putting The Boot In"

Author: Ian Williams
Description: "When is it the best time to foul in Blood Bowl? Not necessarily every turn!"

"Fabric of The Imperium"

Author: Matt Keefe & Nate Montes
Description: "Merchant and Rogue Trader Fleets in BFG"

Official page

Issue: 3

"The 2504 Blood Bowl"

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "Blood Bowl Tournament report, from those who were there!"

"The Moot"

Author: Mark Havenor & Gav Thorpe
Description: "Further exploration of the Empire, the home of the Halflings."

Official page

Issue: 4

"Converting the Masses"

Author: Neil Roberts
Description: "Scratch building Inquisitor Hand Weapons"


Author: Matt Keefe
Description: "New BFG Scenarios based around small ship actions."

"The Wyrd and the Wonderful"

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "Rules for Psychics in Necromunda"

Official page

Issue: 5

"Dust Falls"

Author: John French & Marc Harrington
Description: "First part of the UK Direct campaign."

"Its a kind of Magic"

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "There are many wizards, witches and mages that roam the Old World, many in search of the powerful wyrdstone that lies scattered across the ruins of Mordheim. However, not all are seeking wealth and power alone."

"Ratskin Renegades"

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "Full rules for using Ratskin gangs in your games of Necromunda."

"Epic Eldar Tactics"

Author: Jervis Johnson
Description: "Words of wisdom from the Epic forums. Compiled by Jervis."

"Dwarf Treasure Hunter"

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "A new Dwarf Hired Sword"

Official page

Issue: 6

"Environmental Conditions"

Author: Stephen Pearson
Description: "Not every planet an Inquisitor lands on will have a pleasant atmosphere"

"The Elf Playbook"

Author: Marc Harrington
Description: "Plays and tactics for the Elves (obviously!)"

"Dead Or Alive"

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "Gaining Outlaw status in the Underhive."

"From Across the Steps"

Author: Nick Kyme
Description: "A Kislev ranger of astounding beauty."

"Scenario Generator"

Author: Lex Van Rooy
Description: "Large article detailling how to create a scenario with just a few dice and the charts in the article."

Official page

Issue: 7

"Pick a card - part 2"

Author: Wayne Rozier
Description: "Second part of tactics and magic cards article."

"Tyranid Tactics"

Author: Owen barnes
Description: "Playing with your Hivemind"

"Call to Arms"

Author: Terry Maltman, Ian Davies & Nik Harwood
Description: "Event and battle report"

Official page

Issue: 8

"Necron Tactics"

Author: Elan Stein
Description: "Harvest those souls in the most efficient way."

"Mr. Tournament Organiser"

Author: Stephen Babbage
Description: "Advice on organising and running your own Blood Bowl tournaments."


Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "Full Rules for using the Scavvie gangs in Necromunda"

Official page

Issue: 9

"Where's my Backup?"

Author: Ben Dell
Description: "The Inquisitor has the power to call on any resources from battleships to local militia. This is explored in this article."

"Building a Ship"

Author: Tony Hardy
Description: "Advice and templates for building a ship"

Official page