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Fanatic Online 010-019

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This page is for issues 010 to 019 of Fanatic Online. Fanatic Online is the magazine devoteed to the Specialist Games division of games for Games Workshop. Descriptions are from the official Fanatic Online article descriptions.

Issue: 10

Tales of Stirland

Author: Nick Kyme
Description: "Our congenial guide continues his exploration."

Painting Eldar

Author: Tom Merrigan
Description: "Tom Merrrigan shows how he painted his army and some easy stages that will help other keen painters with theirs."

Issue: 11

A Battlefield is a Dangerous Thing

Author: David McLeod
Description: "Alternative Objectives for your Epic games"

The Albion Coast Cup

Author: Simon Merton
Description: "Tournament report from the 2004 Albion Coast Cup"

Issue: 12

Axes all Areas

Author: Ian davies
Description: "Dwarf Warband Tactics"

Soul Thief - The beginning

Author: Andy Hall & Andrew Smillie
Description: "Introduction to our Studio campaign."

Dust Falls 2

Author: John French & Marc Harrington
Description: "Continuing the UK Direct campaign"

Issue: 13

Everyone's Favourite Runts

Author: Tom Anders
Description: "Optional rules for using Snotling teams."

Epic Assault

Author: Miles Holmes
Description: "Scenario for assaults against static defences"

Using Alternative Armies

Author: Ken South
Description: "Variant Army Lists"

Issue: 14

Alternative Deployment

Author: Matt Keefe
Description: "Updated rules and scenarios for Siege weapons."

Human Playbook

Author: David Candlish
Description: "David Candlish offers his advice on how to run a successful human team."

Bloody Work Is Its Own Reward

Author: Ben Dell
Description: "Not all Inquisitors are heroic individuals, in this article we take a look at those who are not so warmly welcomed."

Issue: 15

The Ones That (almost) Got Away

Author: Jake Thornton
Description: "A collection of eccentric scenarios that are great fun to play."

Buzz, Chomp, Thunk!

Author: Warren Lawson
Description: "We present Warren Lawson's winning entry of Jervis' recent Blood Bowl competition."

Dust Falls 3

Author: John French & Marc Harrington
Description: "Final instalment of the Direct Sales Necromunda Campaign"

Issue: 16

Enemies of Old

Author: David Candlish & Paul Gegg
Description: "Griff Oberwald and Varag Ghoul-Chewer battle it out in this frenzied match report."

Eldar Tactics

Author: Dan Rothman
Description: "A comprehensive treaty on Eldar Tactics in Battlefleet Gothic"

Raining Fishe

Author: David Martin
Description: "The winning weather competition entry."

Issue: 17

Let the Daemon have the Last Laugh

Author: Nick Kyme
Description: "The eternal damnation of Markus the Mad, the Dark Jester"

Fleshing Out Your Nemesis

Author: David Laithwaite
Description: "Villains and nefarious bad guys as ongoing antagonists in your games."

Issue: 18

Extra Time

Author: David Candlish & Paul Gegg
Description: "The thrilling climax to issue 16s match report."

Hired Gun: Ogryn Bodyguard

Author: Robert J. Reiner
Description: "Take some really big muscle in to the Underhive."

The Last Siege

Author: Rob Hardy & John Bennison
Description: "The Copmanthorpe Conscripts wargames club fight a truly epic siege"

Issue: 19

The Storm of Chaos

Author: Matt Keefe & Tom Merrigan
Description: "Introduction to the Storm of Chaos campaign from issue 1 of Fanatic magazine."

Yriel's Raiders

Author: Matt Keefe
Description: "Originally from issue 4 of Fanatic magazine, rules for the Flame of Asuryan."

League of Ostermark

Author: Nick Kyme
Description: "Our congenial guide continues to explore the lands of the Empire"