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Fanatic Online 030-039

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This page is for issues 030 to 039 of Fanatic Online. Fanatic Online is the magazine devoteed to the Specialist Games division of games for Games Workshop. Descriptions are from the official Fanatic Online article descriptions.

Issue: 30

The Big Orc

Author: Ruediger Rickassel
Description: “Spot light on a fantastic 2004 Gamesday entry."

All In Your Warhead

Author: Greg Bak
Description: “Updated house rules for missile warheads."

Night of the Dead

Author: Andy Tabor
Description: “Horror scenario featuring the shambling dead."

Issue: 31

Swords Of The Faithful

Author: Alexander Nelson
Description: “Holy Relics in Inquisitor."

Ash Waste Nomads

Author: John Houchins
Description: “Updated House Rules for Ash Waste gangs."

Cutthroat Den

Author: Steve Gibbs
Description: “Second encampment article originally published in Town Cryer 29."

Issue: 32

Random Force Generator 2

Author: Philippe Mauger
Description: “Follow up House rule article to the BFG Force Generator."

A Beginners Guide

Author: Mark Wilcox
Description: “An article for players of the LOTR Stratergy Battle Game looking for a new challenge."

Clan Pestilens

Author: The Magician
Description: “House Rules for a Clan Pestilens Mordheim Warband."

Issue: 33

Scum City

Author: Max Millions
Description: “First of the Necromunda Settlement Comp finalists."

A Walk In The Wood

Author: Sebastien Deleest
Description: “House Rules article to give your forest pieces a more tactical aspect in the game."

Outlaws of Stirwood Forest

Author: Jon Davis
Description: “House Rule warband from Town Cryer 29."

Issue: 34

The Skaven Playbook

Author: Paul Gegg
Description: “Part 1 of an excellent playbook article by the Geggster."

The Fate of the Abhorrence

Author: Nicholas Beach
Description: “Eldar and Imperials fight over a Chaos ship in this scenario."

Sludge Harbour

Author: Alex ...
Description: “Necromunda Settlement Comp finalist."

Issue: 35

The Malvian Intrusion

Author: Stephen Pearson
Description: “Campaign report from Stephen Pearson."

Martyr Town

Author: Christopher Gough
Description: “Necromunda Settlement Comp finalist."

Skaven Playbook Pt2

Author: Paul Gegg
Description: “Part 2 of an excellent playbook article by the Geggster."

Issue: 36

The Powers of Chaos

Author: Matt Keefe & Pete Haines
Description: “Online debut of the Terminus Est and Nurgle Plague Fleets."

Necron Playtest Figures

Author: Greg Bak
Description: “Use these cool little proxies when playing testing those Necrons."

The Chasms

Author: Luke Webster
Description: “Necromunda Settlement Competition Finalist."

Issue: 37

The Battle of Dol Guldur

Author: Ken South
Description: “A new scenario for The Battle of Five Armies."

Alevan Town

Author: Scott Kroll
Description: “Necromunda Settlement competition Finalist."

White Scars

Author: Matt Keefe
Description: “Official Epic Space Marine list"

Issue: 38

Packing Heat

Author: Richard Plumb
Description: “House rules and scenario for concealed weapons."

The Rescue

Author: Pete Rejowski
Description: “New scenario for Mordheim."

The Water Bowl One-Dayer

Author: Paul Wake
Description: “Tournament report from this Manchester based event."

Issue: 39

Khopesh Class Light Cruiser

Author: Elan Stein
Description: “House rules for a scratch built Necron ship."

Raven Guard Showcase

Author: N/A
Description: “Three great Epic Space Marine armies."

Lords of Chaos

Author: Mike Headden
Description: “Warmaster Tactics competition runner up."