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Fanatic Press

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Fanatic Press was a label under which a number of short lived hobby magazines were published. These magazines were dedicated to the games range of Games Workshop's Fanatic division (later Specialist Games).

The magazines were ultimately replaced by Fanatic Online a free online magazine which covered the entire Fanatic games range.

Fanatic Press magazines

Title Issues(s) Published Games
Battlefleet Gothic Magazine 19 2000-2004 Battlefleet Gothic
Blood Bowl Compendium 3 Blood Bowl
Blood Bowl Magazine Blood Bowl
Deathblow 3 Warhammer Quest
Epic 40,000 Magazine 2000-2002 Epic 40,000
Exterminatus Inquisitor
Fanatic Magazine
(Fanatic Online after issue 10)
10 2004-2005 Battlefleet Gothic,
Epic 40,000,
Blood Bowl,
Firepower 4 1998-1999 Epic 40,000
Gang War 6 (Issues 4-6 under Fanatic) Necromunda
Gorkamorka Gubbinz 1 1999 Gorkamorka
Necromunda Magazine 12 2000-2002 Necromunda
Necromunda Magazine Volume 2 3 Necromunda
Planet Killer 1 2000 Battlefleet Gothic
The Citadel Journal 50 (Issues 38-50 under Fanatic) 1994-2002 Warhammer,
Warhammer 40,000,
Blood Bowl
Town Cryer Mordheim
Warmaster Magazine Warmaster