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Farith Redloss

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Farith Redloss[6]

Farith Redloss was a member of the Dark Angels during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


Redloss was originally a native of Caliban, and most of his family was killed by the Great Beasts that roamed the forest. When he was 8 years old, his settlement was rescued by The Order and Lion El'Jonson. The young but determined fighter was selected to become a member of the Dark Angels thereafter.[2] He began his career in the legion as a Destroyer before joining the Dreadwing.[4]

Eventually commanding the Dreadwing, he became the voted lieutenant of the force after recommendation by his predecessor Constantine. As commander of the Dreadwing, Redloss was frequently at his Primarch Lion El'Jonson's side. When the Lion arrived at Macragge Redloss led his honour guard and later helped battle Konrad Curze when the Night Lords Primarch was loose upon the planet.[1] Farith later helped lead the hunt for Curze, personally leading the Dreadwing in the attack on the Zepath System in the search of the Night Haunter.[2a] He then took part in the hunt for Curze in the Illyrium region of Macragge when the Lion finally cornered the Night Haunter.[2b]

Redloss continued in his role during and after the Imperium Secundus period, commanding Dark Angels at the Battle of Pyrrhan and Second Battle of Davin.[3] Alongside Holguin he was the only Hexagrammaton commander to survive the escape from the Ruinstorm.[4]

Redloss survived both the Heresy and Destruction of Caliban, and was the one who found Luther after his battle with the Lion. Becoming the new Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, he began an interrogation of Luther that multiple Supreme Grand Masters would continue over the coming millennia.[7a] Eventually however, Farith would be killed by the Fallen.[7b]