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Farseer (Novel)

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Author William King
Publisher Black Library
Released May 2002
Pages 288 (2002 edition)
320 (2010 edition)
Editions 2002 softcover:
ISBN 1-84154-244-X

2010 softcover (Print on Demand):
ISBN 9781844169061

2012 ebook:
ISBN 9780857877208

Farseer is a novel by William King, featuring the Eldar. It was first published in 2002.

Cover Description

Rogue Trader Janus Darke is a desperate man. Once rich and famous, a string of bad luck has brought him to the brink of ruin. Dreaming of past glories, lost in despair, the last thing he wants is to accept a commission from two mysterious strangers – a voyage to the Eye of Terror, the dark heart of the galaxy. But Janus finds himself in more danger than he could have ever imagined, as he is pulled into the middle of a deadly power struggle between the Eldar and their ancient enemy, a daemon prince of Slaanesh.


A Rogue Trader by the name of Janus Darke has fallen away from wealth and grace, to be taken on a hellish trip to the Eye of Terror and the planet Belial IV (which pre-Fall was an Eldar planet) by a Farseer Auric Stormcloud and his bodyguard, Athenys in search of a weapon with which to defeat a daemon prince of their hated enemy, Slaanesh.


Cover art for the 2010 edition


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