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Fast Clipper

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Fast Clipper[1]

Fast Clippers are extremely swift vessels used by Merchant Fleets of the Imperium. Utilizing improved main drive engines that take up more than half of the vessel's mass, most of the power from these engineering plants is directed to propulsion. However as a result, these ships are virtually unarmed and rely solely on great speed to avoid enemy raiders.[1]

Imperial Navy commanders have commissioned some dockyards to modify Fast Clippers for naval purposes, as with minor modifications they can become suitable for military use.[1]

Notable Ships

  • Upsalla and Menander are two of the most famous Fast Clippers. On five separate occasions they have been cited for bravery in successfully running Ork blockades of Armageddon during the Armageddon Wars, bringing desperately-needed supplies and boosting morale to Imperial forces.[1]