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Fate Unbound (Short Story)

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Fate Unbound
Cover art
Author Robbie MacNiven
Publisher Black Library
Series War Zone: Fenris
Preceded by The Wild King
Released June 2016
Collected in Sagas of the Space Wolves: The Omnibus

"Fate Unbound" is a short story by Robbie MacNiven, Part 8 in the Legacy of Russ series. It was published online in June 2016.

Cover Description

Just as the Space Wolves' battle against Chaos seems to be taking a turn in their favour, discord strikes the heart of the Imperial forces. In the crusade fleet, accusations of treachery fly – just how far has the dark touch of Chaos reached, and can anyone be trusted? The Space Marines are forced to put their differences aside and confront the true villain – whatever the cost, this is the only way to achieve victory over the forces of darkness.[1]

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