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Faustus Interceptor

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Faustus Interceptors are attack craft used for long-range patrol duties, operating as early-warning detectors for Imperial fleets. Because of this role, they possess onboard astropaths, used for secure, long-distance communication. Powerful and fast for their size, Faustus interceptors can be armed with a variety of turreted ballistic cannons and a forward-locked plasma gun array.[1]

Armament and Upgrades

Technical Specifications
Type Interceptor Operational Ceiling N/A
Vehicle Name Faustus Max Speed
Forge World of Origin Range
Known Patterns Main Armament Forward-firing plasma gun array, Chin-Turreted autocannons or heavy bolters
Crew Pilot, Observation Officer, Astropath, Flight Engineer, Gunner Servitor Secondary Armament Tail-Turreted twin autocannons
Powerplant Main Ammunition
Weight Secondary Ammunition
Length 100 paces Armour
Wingspan Superstructure
Height Hull

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