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Fear the Alien (Anthology)

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Fear the Alien
Author Dan Abnett, Braden Campbell, Mark Clapham, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Matthew Farrer, James Gilmer, Andy Hoare, Nick Kyme, Juliet E. McKenna, C.L. Werner
Editor Christian Dunn
Publisher Black Library
Series Anthologies
Released September 2010
Pages 416
Editions ISBN 9781844168941

Fear the Alien is an Anthology of short stories edited by Christian Dunn and published in 2010

Gardens of Tycho

by Dan Abnett

A string of deaths lead Magos Biologis Drusher and Marshal Macks into an investigation that threatens their lives in this thrilling tale by Dan Abnett.

Fear Itself

by Juliet E. McKenna

Imperial Guardsmen hold a vital river crossing against a swarm of monstrous tyranids. Can they survive until help arrives, and will what's left be worth saving?

Prometheus Requiem

by Nick Kyme

The elite warriors of the Salamanders Chapter, the Firedrakes, search an ancient space hulk for a long-lost prisoner, but encounter a threat that may destroy them all.

Mistress Baeda's Gift

by Braden Campbell

A twisted dark eldar lord vies for the affections of the beautiful and mysterious Mistress Baeda, driven to ever greater efforts to win the heart of the aloof maiden.

Iron Inferno

by C.L. Werner

A horde of orks is bearing down on the world of Izanagi. A cunning general has a plan to destroy the beasts, but will it succeed or is the world doomed to destruction?


by Mark Clapham

Aboard a drifting battleship, a tech-priest enginseer must find a way to outwit vicious eldar pirates before they strip the warship for parts.


by Matthew Farrer

Main article: Faces (Short Story)

Eldar harlequins begin to suffer from a breakdown in reality as they experience memories that are not their own.


by James Gilmer

Main article: Unity (Short Story)

A fractious force of Imperial warriors face the discipline and unity of the tau empire, and find that they can be stronger than the sum of their parts.

The Core

by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

The Night Lords escort a traitor tech-priest into a space hulk on a secret mission. Beset by foes, their survival looks uncertain, unless they can pull off a daring – and dangerous – plan.

Ambition Knows No Bounds

by Andy Hoare

On a distant world, a brave rogue trader and her crew seek artefacts and wealth. But a mysterious presence resides on the planet, and it has dark intentions for the group.


Fear the Alien edited by Christian Dunn Black Library