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Fearful Symmetries (Short Story)

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Fearful Symmetries
Author Rob Sanders
Publisher Black Library
Collected in Xenos Hunters

Fearful Symmetries is a short story by Rob Sanders.

Cover Description[1]

A new threat has emerged on the eastern fringes of the Imperium: a voracious alien swarm, made up of many species, named for the first world they destroyed: tyranids. Inquisitor Fidus Kryptman, desperate to find a way to defeat these beasts, visits a secretive Adeptus Mechanicus laboratory, with one goal: to discover more about this xenos foe. As the tech-priests open a seemingly dormant alien spore, Kryptman tests the creatures within, to discover their capabilities – and how they can be killed. But can the tyranids be contained, or do they have the inquisitor and his allies exactly where they want them?

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