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Feast of Malediction

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The Feast of Malediction is an ancient annual ritual, that is held by the Dark Angels Chapter aboard The Rock.[1]


It celebrates the original feast that the Dark Angels' Primarch Lion El'Jonson held, during the Great Crusade, after he was reunited with his father, the Emperor[2]. The Chapter now holds the Feast in The Rock's Seclusiam, while it orbits the giant world Delahon. At the culmination of the celebration, a ritual is conducted with the Cup of Retribution, by the Chapter's Grand Master. Legends state the Emperor drank from the Cup during the first Feast and the Grand Master begins the ritual by cutting his thumb with a small knife. The Grand Master then lets a drop of his blood to fall into the Cup, before passing it around. After all the Dark Angels present have done the same, the blood in the Cup is mixed with wine from a number of large open barrels. The Cup of Retribution is then passed from Dark Angel to Dark Angel, each filling it and drinking from the wine in turn. This ancient ritual is sacred to the Chapter and it is considered a bad omen, if a long campaign or sudden battle delays the Feast.[1]


In the original lore, collected in the Index Imperialis: Apocrypha, the Feast had a different origin. It instead celebrated the Founding of the Chapter, during the Imperial Crusades and was hosted by the Dark Angels' first Custodian Lyyn Elgonsen.[1]