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Feculent Gnarlmaw

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A Feculent Gnarlmaw[1]

Feculent Gnarlmaws are Daemonic carnivorous trees that grow within the Garden of Nurgle.[1]


The Warp-flora feature an enormous mouth that run up the centre of their trunks, with dozens of razor-sharp teeth lining it, while the few stunted branches that grow from Gnarlmaws feature[1] Plague Bells, tentacles and pustulent boils. They also gather clouds of fatted Plague Flies around them[2] and the base of the Gnarlmaws' trunks are linked with the skulls of those who have been foolish enough to venture near them[1]. And while they normally reside within the Garden of Nurgle, the Warp-flora will rapidly sprout up outside of of his realm, wherever a large number of the Chaos God's Daemons are congregating[1] or Nurgle's most grievous foulness reigns[2]. On the battlefield they aid the Plague God's armies, as the Feculent Gnarlmaws belch clouds of Daemonic spores and shed rot-wet blossom to carpet the maggot-churned earth beneath their boughs[1]. They also exude an aura of supernatural disease and the dull tolling of the Gnarlmaws' Plague Bells, draws Nurgle's Daemons to the battlefield in swarms.[2]


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