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Fellesian Airborne

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Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Fellesian Airborne -
Homeworld: Fellesia
Regiment Name: Fellesian Airborne
Specialities: Aerial Assault

The Fellesian Airborne were Regiments of the Imperial Army that were heavily equipped with Grav-chutes, making them ideal for airborne operations. Even their Sentinels were equipped with larger Grav-chutes.[1]

It is unknown whether the Fellesian Airborne are now part of the Imperial Guard.[1]

Known Regiments

  • 5th Airborne Regiment - Known as Goldstone's Hunters[1]
  • Fellesian 23rd Airborne Auxiliary Regiment - Known as Hurcan's Scrappers, operated Grav-chute equipped Sentinels[1]


Fellesian Airborne jump-Sentinel[1]