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Fenksworld Pit Thing

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A Pit Thing entering the arena.[1]

Varying between two and three metres high at the shoulder, Pit Things are vicious predatory beasts who dwell in the depths below the hives of Fenksworld. They are often announced by a strong chemical smell.[1]


Pit Things are bulky carnivores with four legs, webbed claws and feet (making them agile swimmers) and a strong resistance to the typical chemical and toxic hazards of industrial hives. Their possess four eyes arranged symmetrically in a vaguely canine skull, while their mouths are circular with razor-sharp teeth meant to rend and tear. They are nonsentient and seem singularly unintelligent. The Pit Thing uses its size and strength aggressively in combat, often charging into battle with furious rage. Those unfortunate enough to fight one must be as wary of its acidic drool as its rending claws.[1]


The value of each Pit Thing makes their capture extremely lucrative although very dangerous. Once a Pit Thing is captured, it is placed into an iron cage and delivered to the arenas to provide bloodsport for the hive populace. The Pale Pits of Volg Hive are the most infamous for utilizing alien beasts in their gladiatorial matches. Although the Adeptus Arbites struggles to suppress these heretical hunts; due to the amount of Throne Gelt involved, every time one beast-hunting group is shut down, two more form to resume the operations.[1]