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Fenright Tithe Wars

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The Fenright Tithe Wars were from 760.M39 to 411.M40.[1]


Lord Militant Helstrom was placed in charge of the Third Imperial Interdiction Force, given the mission to put down the burning civil wars and rebellions that engulfed the Fenright, Cal-Sek, Nepthis, and Sadusyne Sectors. It was here that the Fire Angels saw their first major battle as an active Chapter, assaulting heretic forces on the world of Jhoppa, helping break the stalemate for Imperial Guard forces already stationed there who had been fighting the heavy tank formations of the rebels.[1]

In a three-year long bloody campaign, using their swift Predators and Razorbacks to combat rebel Leman Russ Battle Tanks and Malcador Tanks in the open ashen plains of Joppha, the Fire Angels also deployed Tactical Squads and Sternguard Squads to wreak havoc in close-quarter raids in the rebel rear lines. Through a string of victories, the Fire Angels were instrumental in turning the tide of the war on Joppa and ultimately helping decisively end the Fenright Tithe Wars.[1]

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