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Fenrisian Wolf

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Fenrisian Wolves are unlike any other wolf. They are at the top of the food chain on the harsh world of Fenris, and are among the most cunning and dangerous predators in the galaxy. The sheer diversity of Fenrisian Wolves is enormous. Adult Wolves can reach the size of horses, the greatest approaching the size of a Rhino armoured carrier.[Needs Citation]

Types of Fenrisian Wolves

A pack of Fenrisian Wolves led by a Space Wolf[Needs Citation]
  • Common Fenrisian Wolf: The most common species found on Fenris, but nonetheless deadly.[Needs Citation]
  • Blackmaned Wolf: The hulking Blackmaned Wolf is as tall and muscular as a warhorse. Their jaws can exert as much pressure as those of an ice shark, and they are capable of hunting the largest prey through the thickest blizzard. Their anatomy is similar to that of the common Fenrisian Wolf, but their heads are proportionally larger and their teeth more pronounced. They are usually only seen in the dead of winter when their packs descend from the mountains into the land of the Fenrisians to feed. Fenrisians refer to attempting impossible acts as "taming a Blackmane", a saying that stemmed from the wolf's famously intractable nature (although they have been known to accompany the most celebrated Wolf Lords of the Space Wolves into battle). In Fenrisian myth, the Blackmanes serve in the afterlife as minions of Morkai, the two-headed guardian of the Gates of Death. According to legend, one who crosses into the afterlife with a Blackmane at his side will never truly die. [Needs Citation]
  • Thunderwolf: The monstrous, infamous Thunderwolf prowls the northernmost ice caps of Fenris, where they are considered the apex predator, and make their lairs in the fabled Mountain of the Maelstrom. Their anatomy has more in common with the Terran rhinoceroid than a normal canine. They are capable of reaching as much as eight feet in height at the shoulder. Their shaggy coat of rough fur is as tough as matted steel wire, and their jutting jaws so strong that they are able to chew through steel. Recovered Thunderwolf skulls show evidence of several rows of teeth in perpetual growth, allowing those that are lost in violent kills to be quickly replaced. They are solitary creatures, and usually attack each other on sight. Their primary food animals are the giant bear, the ice troll, and the Fenrisian mastodon, although they will devour any creatures that trespass upon their realm without hesitation. Rather than tracking their prey down over time like their smaller cousins, Thunderwolves bear down upon their victims in a terrifying charge, snatching up their prey in their maw and tearing its head off. Many Fenrisians venerate the Thunderwolf as a spiritual totem, but only the Space Wolves have the constitution to hunt these creatures down. The practice of hunting down and breaking in Thunderwolves is a sort of initiation ritual into the upper echelons of the Wolf Guard. These are used in the near-mythical Thunderwolf Cavalry, and are often augmented with adamantium jaws, bionics, and back-jointed metal limbs that end in razor-sharp blades. The havoc that these creatures are capable of wreaking is said to be startling to even a hardened veteran.[3]


  • Cyberwolves are cybernetically augmented Fenrisian wolves, which often lead wolf packs or accompany Iron Priests.[5]

Fenrisian Wolf Packs

Fenrisian Wolf Packs sometimes accompany Space Wolves into battle They are wild and savage and make good fast moving assault units, they are also extremely strong and tough.[2]

13th Company

The lost 13th Great Company are also accompanied by wolf packs made up of the descendants of the Fenrisian Wolves which followed the Space Wolves to combat thousands of years before.

Fenrisian Wolf Loyalty

As a symbol of the Space Wolves frozen homeworld they often befriend and are trained by Space Wolves Battle Brothers.[4]

The wolves are loyal to their masters, whining if they are forced to stay behind on the frontline, or attacking with a gesture or a word. If a battle-brother falls the wolf will try to protect the body at all costs or drag him to safety.[4]

The wolves are a point of conflict between many chapters and the Space Wolves, especially when they have to squeeze into a Rhino with one or suffer it's panting during a tactical briefing.[4]

Notable Fenrisian Wolves


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