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Feral War

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The Feral War was a conflict involving the Adeptus Mechanicus in 112.M33.[1]


While mining the Feral World of Aggaros, the Mechanicum forces battled the primitive locals in what at first seemed to be a lopsided battle. However, the tide turned when the natives brought in shamans who were said to be able to breathe fire, which burned the Mechanicus soldiers from the inside. Worse still, the Shamans seemed able to crush the Mechanicus troops flat by seemingly invisible forces. The Techpriests leading the operation were forced to retreat, but not before calling in a debt from the Relictors in order to renew the attack. Four days later, the Relictors' 3rd Company arrived.[1][Conflicting sources]

The Space Marines fought their way through the psychic pyrokinetics of the local tribes to find a hidden city. Inside was a road lined with statues of the Thousand Sons, each facing a colossal effigy of Ahzek Ahriman atop an obsidian pyramid. Captain Excorius ordered the statue of Ahriman torn down, but as it toppled every one of the Thousand Sons came to life, revealing themselves to be Rubric Marines. Not one of the Relictors or their Mechanicus allies survived the battle.[1]


Conflicting sources