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Ferus Arma

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Ferus Arma was a Warhound Scout Titan belonging to Legio Astorum[1a] which was destroyed in the battle for Shardenus Prime during the Purging of Contqual. It was armed with an Inferno gun for its left arm and a Vulcan mega bolter for its right and was commanded by Princeps Noman and Moderati Bonnem.[1c]

Ferus Arma was deployed alongside the Warhounds Quis Odio and Gaius Thrysus and the Warlords Meritus Castigatio and Terribilis Vindicta to Shardenus Prime.[1a]

During the battle the three Warhounds were ordered into an underground transit tunnel by the Iron Hands Commander Rauth to to provide heavy fire support for the troops attempting to break into the central Capitolis[1b]. During the offensive action the Iron Hands moved quickly ahead leaving the Imperial Guard soldiers and the Warhounds behind and unsupported, Ferus Arma was suffering serious problems with its sensor systems due to conditions in the tunnel and lacking maneuverability. As the battle progressed, Slanneshi Daemonettes were unleashed and attacked Ferus Arma by hurtling themselves at the void shields. Initially the Warhound was able to defend itself by opening fire with both its inferno cannon and mega bolter but when the inferno cannon overheated and the mega bolter ran out of ammo the Daemonettes took advantage and smashed through the void shields, then ripped the weapons off before the Titan could resume fire.[1c] The Daemonettes proceeded to the cockpit, killing the crew and then destroying Ferus Arma as well as Quis Odio and Gaius Thrysus.

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