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Festival of the Bloodied Fist

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The Festival of the Bloodied Fist is a event that takes place once per generation on the planet Blackwater, that is held by the Crimson Fists Chapter to find new aspirants to be recruited into their Chapter.[1]


The Festival is a celebration to attract the favour of the "sky gods", ie the Crimson Fists, and to become one of the Chosen who the Crimson Fists will take as an aspirant to join their Chapter. For a single month, the native clans of the planet would put their raiding aside and travel north to a major mountain. There the clan lords would offer tribute and renew their oaths to the Crimson Fists. Afterwards the sons of the clans would undergo the Trials of the Chosen. The Trials have a high mortality rate and ends with aspirants having to kill a native animal, a barb dragon, and bring its head back.[1]