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Fi'rios a Tau sept world and a Third Phase Colony.[1]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map fi'rios.jpg Name Fi'rios Fi'rios Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Third
Location: Eastern Fringe Fi'riosWarrior.jpg
Colours: Dark-green and Grey[2b]


The Tau occupying this world wrested it from the grip of a fierce Ork warlord, though doing so cost them dear. The sept world has become a veritable fortress, though local battles still rage on its outlying worlds.[3] Tau of this sept are known for a tenacious refusal to accept defeat, tempered by a stoic acceptance of the price all must pay in the furtherance of the Greater Good.[1]

The victory on Fi'rios was attributed to Shas'O'Kais, one of Commander Puretide's disciples who was brought out of stasis an unknown time prior to the conflict.[2a]

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