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Fighting Company

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Black Templars unit. For other uses of Company, see Company (disambiguation).
Chapter Symbol

Black Templars' larger Crusades are broken down by their Marshal into Fighting Companies, led by warriors who are given the honorific of Castellan.[1]


Each fighting company can range from a dozen to a full one hundred Space Marines.

Individuals usually choose their Fighting Company based more upon fraternal warrior bonds than mandatory allocation. This can lead to fighting companies possessing unusual mixtures of squad and vehicles.[2]

Specialists such as Techmarines, Chaplains and Apothecaries have autonomy to go where they believe they are needed the most.[2]

The individual Crusader Squads and specialists in a Fighting Company will fight together out of familiarity and comradeship rather than any imposed organization.[1]

Fighting Companies Heraldry

Where other Chapters display details such as company origin upon their armor, the Black Templars instead emphasise the Crusade they belong to, the oaths they have sworn and their own personnal heraldic honours in far more individualistic fashion.[3]