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Finreht Highlanders

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Finreht Highlander

The Finreht Highlanders are Imperial Guard Regiments raised from Finreht Three-Seven.[Needs Citation]


The inhabitants of the wild and mountainous world of Finreht Three-Seven are a nomadic people that follow the migratory herds of mountain Grox that were introduced to the planet long ago. They construct their houses along the Grox migratory routes and change their dwellings with the change of seasons. Each tribe holds hereditary right of property on a particular herd, although they do not have any control on the direction of their movement. Each tribe survives by the welfare of its herd. They hunt the weaker Grox to eat and trade the tanned skins with other tribes when they have a surplus.[Needs Citation]

According to ancient tradition, once every five cycles the tribes must pay a tribute to the Imperial governors, who reside in huge walled star ports located in the valleys, which are the only permanent settlements on the planet. When the day arrives to pay the tribute, the best shepherds of the tribe must separate a portion of the flock and lead on the arduous journey to the distant valleys. The governors will select a portion of these herds for slaughter and distribution throughout the Agrippina Sector, providing food to overpopulated planets.[Needs Citation]

Recruitment and training

Sometimes, the tribe is unable or unwilling to pay the demanded tribute, and offer instead the service of the youth of the tribe in the Imperial Guard.[Needs Citation]

The regiments' officers, support personnel and vehicle crews are drawn from the more civilized governing class of lowlanders who dwell in the Imperial star ports of Finreht.[Needs Citation]

Appearance and uniform

Regiments carry standard Mars-pattern lasguns with attached bayonets. They use large backpacks in order to allow them to operate over longer periods of time without the need for logistical support. Along with the mass-produced clothing provided by the Munitorum, soldiers wear their traditional quilted armour and various primitive fetishes. Soldiers bear many tattoos indicating their tribe and tribal caste.[Needs Citation]

The tribes of Finreht are primitive and only receive basic training in the use of standard weapons and the lower-tech support weapons standard throughout the Imperial Guard. Officers have access to more advanced equipment and armament.[Needs Citation]

Notable Finreht Highlanders Regiments

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