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Fire Lords

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Fire Lords
Fire Lords Livery.jpg
FireLordsPrimaris.jpg Fire Lords.jpg
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists[4](see 'Conflicts in Sources' below)
Chapter Master: Jaric Phoros[3]
Homeworld: Mundus Pyra[1b]
Colours: Red with yellow helmet, greaves, vambraces, aquila, and markings.
Symbol is a black fist with yellow flame on a red background.
Do not bear any company markings.[9b]
Specialty: Planetary Assaults[2]
Flame Weapons[9a]

The Fire Lords are a Codex Chapter of Space Marines.[1a]


The Fire Lords precede assaults with a barrage of incendiary missiles, and hurl themselves at the charred foe before the flames have burnt themselves out.[1a]

Fire Lords Firstborn[2]

The Fire Lords favoured tactic is launching a planetary assault, which begins with incendiary bombardments, and should the defender survive, they only do so to face close-range bombardment and promethium, usually delivered by Thunderfire Cannons and Land Raider Redeemers. Then, Tactical Squads will deploy in Drop Pods to bring death to the enemies of the Imperium.[2]

Grissen Campaign

Due to a clerical error in the Imperium's labyrinthine bureaucracy, the once-prosperous world of Grissen had gone unnoticed until a mid-level functionary discovered that the planetary tithes were now some eight thousand years overdue. An Imperial Guard regiment was immediately raised to bring the Emperor's law back to Grissen. When the regiment found itself overwhelmed by the sheer ferocity of the fighters planetside, a task force from the Fire Lords Chapter, under the command of Jaric Phoros, joined the fray.[1c]

At first the Space Marines made little progress. The natives were so entrenched that even the most devastating orbital bombardments made scant impact on their positions. Nonetheless, the Imperial decree was that Grissen should be brought back into the fold, for it would prove an excellent recruiting ground for the Imperial Guard, and so Phoros held back from ordering Exterminatus. Biting back his mounting frustration, Phoros directed his Techmarines to construct a weapon that would win the war. Within a week of the first Land Raider modifications the Fire Lords took Grissen's capital city. Within a month, the largest planetary faction was suing for peace and Grissen was part of the Imperium once more.[1c]

In the wake of the Grissen campaign, Phoros disseminated his new design's schematics. Having always been possessed of a sardonic frame of mind, he named the new pattern Prometheus after a god from Terran legend who brought fire to men. He changed the official designation to "Redeemer" only upon learning that the name "Prometheus" already belonged to a Land Raider variant developed by the Salamanders. Nonetheless, the original Redeemer still serves in the Fire Lords' Second Company, the name Prometheus resplendent on its flanks and honored in the Chapter's Histories.[1c]

Other Notable Engagements

Known Members

Conflicts in Sources

Although the Fire Lords were stated as the successors of the Imperial Fists in the [Legion of the Damned (Novel)]][4] they are mentioned as of unknown lineage in the Codex: Space Marines (10th Edition) with the assumption that they originate from the Salamanders.[13]

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