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Fusion gun

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Eldar Fusion Weapons. For other uses of Fusion Weapon, see Fusion Weapon (disambiguation).
Eldar Fusion Gun

Fusion weapons are heat-based weapons used by the Eldar, analogous to the Imperium's melta weapons.

Fusion Gun

De Fusionsstrahler

The Fusion Gun is a melta weapon developed by the Eldar and commonly used by the Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors, as well as Storm Guardian units. This powerful weapon has a short range, but is capable of reducing an enemy battle tank to a pile of molten slag or vaporize an enemy soldier in under a second.[1][2a]

Skyraiders Kiss

The Skyraiders Kiss are a variant of the Fusion Gun, that were originally developed by the Craftworld Mymeara to be deployed in battle on the planet Bethalmae. The design was soon borrowed by other Craftworlds, after the weapons' designs proved capable at functioning at well below-subzero conditions. Extra cabling in the design shunts more coolant to the weapon, allowing it to be fired more frequently, and requiring less time to cool down between shots. The tradeoff for the extra cooling is that the coolant is required to be stored with the weapon, increasing the weight overall.[3]

Fire Pike

De Feuerpike
Fire Dragon Exarch with a Fire Pike

Firepikes are more sophisticated fusion weapons wielded by Fire Dragon Exarchs. Its longer barrel allows the weapon to project its melta beam at a considerable distance.[1][2a]

Fusion pistol

De Fusionspistole

The Fusion Pistol is the compact pistol version wielded by Harlequins. The weapon has a short range, but its elegance is matched only by its potency.[2b]

Harlequins Fusion Pistol[4]

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