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Fire Wastes

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The Fire Wastes are situated to the north of the main Armageddon continent.[1]

Third War

The Fire Wastes had the attention of Urgok the Unstoppable. They were defended by a unit of the Adepta Sororitas under the command of Canoness Carmina of the Order of the Argent Shroud and a force of Flesh Tearers Space Marines. The Iron Line was built in order to defend the mines and electricity generators which barred the route from the Ork Roks to the Cheya Ranas ore mines. The Sreya Rock defence outpost also remained in the hands of the Imperium, defending the area from orbital bombardment, including defense lasers and macro batteries, but also proving effective against the nearby Ork Gargants. They have managed to destroy most of Warlord Skrag's Gargants and most of the Stompers Dreadnought warbands.[2]

It appears that the Canoness was in command of the region and used her allies, the Flesh Tearers, and their ferocious ability to drive the Orks on the waiting sisters bolters. This caused the retreat of Ruklum's Big Gunz from Koonanga Creek Canyon, although the massacre of Gaius Point, which was simply the Flesh Tearers massacring a unit of Orks and then charging into a unit of defenceless human militiamen, earned them a great deal of enmity.[2]

Chapter Master Seth, of the Flesh Tearers, has since learned of the Canoness' desire for the Flesh Tearers to undergo an Inquisitorial investigation. He then reassigned the Flesh Tearers to the most inhospitable area of the region and they have become known as the Eaters of the Dead by the Orks, finally making it known to all that the Flesh Tearers did indeed eat the dead. Despite their successes, it appears the chapter may be about to be declared Excommunicate Traitoris.[2]


The results show that the Imperium held off the Orks but didn't manage to make significant gains and fighting will continue for a long time in the north.

Key feature Orks Imperium Outcome
The Iron Line 44% 56% Contested
Sreya Rock Mountain Range 49% 51% Contested
Koonanga Creek Canyon 46% 54% Contested
Sreya Rock Defence Outpost 46% 54% Contested
Ork Rok Dropsite 43% 57% Contested
Black Lung Tar Pits 47% 53% Contested
Chaya Ranas Ore Mine 46% 54% Contested
Quaalaback Spur Hydro-Electric Dam 51% 49% Contested
Serestus River Refinery 58% 42% Contested
Serestus River Mineral Storage Facility 52% 48% Contested
Fire Harbour 51% 49% Contested
Botaani Bay Penal Colony 41% 59% Contested
Aderbein Oil Platform 47% 53% Contested

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