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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Titan Legion. For other uses of Firebrand, see Firebrand (disambiguation).

The Legio Atarus, also known as the Firebrands are an Imperial Titan Legion.

Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
Name: Legio Atarus
Alternative name: Firebrands
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Atar-Median
Colours: Orange
Strength: 100-130 Titans (pre-Heresy)[7]

The symbol of the Legio Atarus is a flaming sword atop a cog within a cog, speaking of the division between Phaeton and Mars.[5]


The Firebrands were often held in ill-repute by the rest of the Collegia Titanica but proved themselves during the Drop Site Massacre.[1]

The seeds of their ill-repute can be traced back to the unusual circumstances of their creation. In the early years of the Great Crusade they were pledged to the Forge World of Phaeton, the second most productive Forge World during the Crusade that was nonetheless fiercely independent. Coming into near conflict with Mars over its insistence to maintain near autonomy, Phaeton settled the conflict by agreeing to submit and give a third of its forces to the Red Planet. However the Phaeton's simply loaded this tribute onto Explorator vessels and shot them seemingly at random into the void. These ships eventually settled on Atar-Median, and the Legio Atarus became one of the younger Titan Legions to be established. But because of their ties to the old Phaeton-Mars dispute, the Firebrands were frequently distrusted by the Martian Priesthood.[2b]

The Legion itself took part in the Great Crusade and took part in the famous War in the Shedim Drifts.[2b] It later fought alongside the Iron Hands, Ultramarines, Emperor's Children, and Imperial Army in the Fall of the Lords of Gardinaal. Despite their history of mistrust by the Imperium, the Legion stayed loyal to the Emperor in the Horus Heresy and suffered grievous losses during the Drop Site Massacre.[2a] It saw further fighting in the Heresy in the Battle of Tralsak, Cataclysm of Iron, and Second Battle of Paramar. At the start of the Heresy, the Legon had some 100-130 Titans (mostly Reavers, Nightgaunts, and Carnivores) and was known to possess a highly-respected armored support battalion of Skitarii known as the Brotherhood of Axxos. [7] However by the Siege of Terra it only was able to provide a single Titan to the world's defense.[10]

In late M41, its Titans were in the forces of the Explorator Fleets that successfully invaded the Tau Empire Sept World Vesh'yo.[3] Elements of the Firebrands later appeared to aid Ultramar in the Plague Wars.[4]

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