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First Aurelian Crusade

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This page contains spoilers for: Dawn of War II

The Aurelian Crusade (later known as the First Aurelian Crusade) was a campaign fought by the Blood Ravens Chapter in sub-sector Aurelia to defend their home sector from Orks, Eldar and a Tyranid Hive Fleet. Battles were fought on three main planets, Calderis, Typhon Primaris, and Meridian.

Notable Events

  • Captain Davian Thule of the 5th company of Blood Ravens rallies the initiates and other forces on Calderis against an Ork invasion.
  • Force Commander and Tarkus deploy as reinforcements for Davian Thule.
  • Ork invasion is blunted by the Force Commander's efforts.
  • Eldar presence is discovered on Calderis, they have been goading the orks.
  • Tyranid invasion occurs. Davian Thule is wounded and poisoned in the initial wave and placed in stasis to preserve his life.
  • Force Commander is tasked with three goals: Secure Angel Forge, Find the Astronomics Array, and Locate a Prime Hive.
  • Force Commander succeeds in locating a Prime Hive. Genetic data allows apothecary Gordian to derive a stabilizer for Davian Thule.
  • Davian Thule is placed in a Dreadnought.
  • Force Commander succeeds in securing Angel Forge.
  • Force Commander succeeds in locating and activating the Astronomics Array.
  • Blood Ravens fleet loses many Astropaths and Librarians to the Hive's psychic influence, delays its arrival.

Notable Participants

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