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Master of Sanctity

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Space Marine title; for the novel by Gav Thorpe, see Master of Sanctity (Novel).

The Master of Sanctity, also styled High Chaplain, is the head of the Chaplaincy in a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes and head of the Chapter Cult. One of the Masters of the Chapter, the Master of Sanctity oversees the spiritual health of the Chapter by assigning Chaplains to the Companies. Immediately beneath him is the Reclusiarch, the head of the Reclusiam[1].

Notable Masters of Sanctity & Title Variations

Name Title Chapter
Astorath[3] High Chaplain Blood Angels
Marqol Tomasi[8] High Chaplain Crimson Fists
Guaron[8b] Master of Sanctity Imperial Fists
Erebus First Chaplain Word Bearers
Jaghorin[7] Voice of the Storm White Scars
Nomus Rhy'tan Lord Chaplain Salamanders
Govannon Bors[9] High Paladin Grey Knights
Ortan Cassius[2a] Master of Sanctity Ultramarines
Ranek Varth Father of Iron[8a] Iron Hands
Sapphon[4] Grand Master of Chaplains Dark Angels
Ulrik[5] Wolf High Priest Space Wolves
Unknown Santiarch Excoriators
Unknown Lord Speaker of the Dead[6] Executioners

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