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Fists of Brass

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The Fists of Brass were a Khorne Warband.[1]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Fists of Brass -
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Unknown
Chaos dedication: Khorne
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

In 301.M40, the Fists of Brass hurled themselves into the teeth of Waaagh! Badstomp across the seventeen moons of the Madrakae. Explosive carnage broke out as the two war-hungry hordes collided head on, but the Warband was massively outnumbered and wiped out by the Waaagh! within days. Despite their deaths, the oceans of blood the Fists of Brass spilled during the battle drew eight legions of Khorne's Daemons into reality, which soon fell upon the Orks and started the battle anew.[1]

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