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Five Hundred Companions

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The Five Hundred Companions were a specialized Order of the Dark Angels during the Great Crusade.[1]

These were the first 500 warriors which stood at the side of their Primarch Lion El'Jonson on Caliban. Each of the Five Hundred were sworn to a unique duty such as gathering information and keeping it hidden. The Five Hundred served as the Lion's lifeguard, fighting and dying in his shadow. The collection of their hard-won secrets, the Lion Codex, is among the most cleverly ciphered records within the Legion for it contains the sum of their knowledge of the notoriously secretive Lion El'Jonson. The Five Hundred accepted no new initiates, ensuring that the secrets would live and die with them. The Lion never once acknowledged or even praised the Five Hundred even as their numbers dwindled. However, this silent acceptance is seen as a mark of recognition by the Dark Angels.[1]

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