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Flame of Baal

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The Flame of Baal was a Strike Cruiser in the Blood Angels Chapter that was commanded by First Captain Gareon in 674.M40, when it encountered the Space Hulk Corruption's Heart. When the Space Hulk was scanned it was discovered to be infested not only with Genestealers, but also a thriving Genestealer Cult. Worse yet, Corruption's Heart contained a mining ship that held several functioning transports and would reach a populated Imperial System in mere days. In order to prevent the Genestealer Cult from infecting the System's worlds, Gareon ordered two Terminator squads to board the Space Hulk and plant thermal charges next to the mining ship's reactor. It was hoped that the resulting explosion caused by the thermal charges, would create a chain reaction that would completely destroy the Space Hulk. However, though the two squads were successful in boarding Corruption's Heart, it is not known if they succeeded in their mission.[1]

Over a millennium later, the Flame of Baal took part in the Diamor Campaign where, along with the Strike Cruiser Angelic Blade, it carried the Fifth Company to battle. However, as soon as the Cruisers entered the Diamor System, they were both hit by the effects of a Chaos ritual conducted by the Black Legion Sorcerer Xorphas. Soon the majority of Blood Angels aboard the Cruisers were stricken by the Black Rage and were sadly conducted into the Death Company, which was then unleashed on the Black Legion's forces invading the Imperium world Amethal[2a]. The Flame of Baal itself would later be destroyed in battle with the Black Legion's ships above Amethal's orbit.[2b]

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