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Legio Magna

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Colour Scheme Legion Info Symbol
LegioMagna Warlord.png
Name: Legio Magna
Alternative name: Flaming Skulls[4][6]
Founded: Unknown
Forge World: Esteban VII[4][7]
Colours: Orange/Black
Strength: 155-190 Titans (Pre-Heresy)[10]

The Legio Magna, also known as the Flaming Skulls[4][6], are a Titan Legion.[1][4] They are split into loyalist and traitor factions.[3][11]


Founded upon the world of Estaban VII, the Flaming Skulls initially were deployed to warfronts of the Great Crusade of little note due to their parent world's isolationism and political infighting. By the middle of the 2nd century of the Crusade, they had been deployed within 21 different Expeditionary Fleets in numbers ranging from two dozen to a single Titan assigned to garrison duty. Such widespread deployment brought increasingly greater losses amongst the Legio, soon outstripping Estaban VII's ability to replace them. However in time the Mechanicum instead converted Estaban VII to supplying the Imperial Army. The Mechanicum sent out dispatches for Magna to redeploy with these new Army allies, threatening to cut off their supplies should they refuse.[10]

Within the decade over half the Legio was redeployed, now taking part in more prestigious assignments such as acting in the service of both Horus and Lorgar. Where the Legio's Princeps once cared little for honor and plaudits, they now reveled in the praise they received. During this time, their tactics changed to one favoring spearhead assaults and the use of Fusion Weapons. In time, only the Legio Krytos was renowned to more ability to bring rebel civilizations to ruin. Following the elevation of Horus to Warmaster, a demi-legio of the Flaming Skulls was deployed on Mars itself. Due to their close ties with Horus, Lorgar, and the Fabricator-General of Mars it is of little surprise they followed them into treachery in the subsequent Horus Heresy. During the Schism of Mars the portion of the Legio stationed on Mars took part in the purging of loyalists, building a reputation as butchers and fiends.[10] Over the course of the Horus Heresy, most Traitor crews of the Legio Magna went insane.[5c]

After the Heresy, at least part of it remained a loyalist Legion as they were seen fighting for the Imperium in the Orask Wars.[3] It is not clear if the traitor elements survived to the 41st Millennium, as the Imperium has not encountered them in recent centuries.[11]

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