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Flare Shield

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Flare Shields are rare and specialized systems only understood by the most astute adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus. A Flare Shield is a directional electromagnetic flux field generator from the Dark Age of Technology, supposedly from a source best left forgotten. These shields lack anything like the defensive power of a Titan's or warships Void Shields, but are able to deflect and disperse glancing or diffuse impacts and can reduce the power of a focused strike. Flare shields have the advantage that they can be mounted on much smaller vehicles than void shields, so long as their mounts are equipped with a rapid-cycling reactor of sufficient power such as the Mechanicum-built Jocasta grav-attack craft and Knight walkers.[1]

At the 41st Millennium even the most advanced Tech-Priests occasionally made it their life's work to recover even a part of these long-lost treasures not even speaking about understanding their work principles.[2]