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Flects (presumably a slang shorthand for "reflection") are powerful and highly addictive drugs that come in the form of small pieces of glass wrapped in red tissue paper.


Origin and Effects

Unlike conventional chemical drugs, flects are actually shards of glass, retrieved from the Mergent Worlds in what was once the Vincies Subsector, which disappeared into a warp storm for several centuries. In the words of Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor, these shards of glass have been "marinading in warp energy for decades," and so are tainted by Chaos.

When a user looks into one of these shards, the viewer is granted a brief glimpse of Chaos, which can induce anything between a wondrous "high" or a paralyzing horror. One flect was revealed to be carrying the spirit of an immensely powerful Daemon Prince, Slyte, which possessed the unfortunate user.


At least one of the Mergent Worlds, Spica Maximal (and possibly others), emerged again into realspace in late 300.M41 or early 400.M41. Flects were discovered by Imperial smugglers who soon started delivering them to subsectors Helican, Angelus and Ophidian.

The government of Eustis Majoris, the Helican subsector capital, formed an illicit agreement with these smugglers to retrieve corrupted data engines from Spica Maximal, and allowed them to develop the illicit trade in flects as a profitable sideline.

The flect trade soon attracted the interest of the Inquisition and Inquisitor Ravenor and his team set out to investigate, eventually discovering a much greater threat to the Imperium being planned on Eustis Majoris.

Flects were also available from street hawkers on New Badab during the Skull Harvest in late M41.[5]

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