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Flesh and Iron (Novel)

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Flesh and Iron
Author Henry Zou
Publisher Black Library
Series Bastion Wars
Preceded by Emperor's Mercy
Followed by Blood Gorgons
Released 2010
Pages 416
Editions 2010 softcover:
ISBN 9781844168149

Flesh and Iron is the second novel in the Bastion Wars novel series by Henry Zou. It was first published in 2010.

Book Description

On the planet of Solo-Baston, indigenous forces are rebelling against Imperial rule, led by the mysterious 'Dos Pares'. Colonel Fyodor Baeder and the 31st Riverine are sent to reclaim vital weaponry for the Imperium, but are decimated by native resistance. However they find there is much more to the rebellion, and that the forces of Chaos are at work...


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