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The Fleshtakers are a Kroot Kindred that is currently active in the Spinward Front.[1]

Among the Kroot, consuming the flesh of those tainted by the Warp is normally considered an inviolable taboo. The Fleshtakers, unlike other Kindreds, do not observe this ban.[1]

The Fleshtakers are believed to have entered the Periphery only recently, but quickly came to the attention of the Dark Apostle Sektoth the False Whisper. The Kroot do not readily distinguish one human from another, and do not strongly care whether such an individual worships the God-Emperor or the Ruinous Powers. Instead, the strength and resilience of the Chaos forces in Sektoth's service impressed the Shapers of the Fleshtakers, who agreed to his offer to fight alongside one another. The ravenous Fleshtakers warriors fighting alongside the hordes of Chaos has since become a source of ruin and misery to the worlds of the Periphery.[1]