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Flyn Meryn

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Flyn Meryn is an Imperial Guard Captain in the Tanith 1st.


Once a lowly trooper in the 1st, Meryn has since been on the Guard fast-track, going from a platoon sergeant to company Captain in a matter of 2 years. Corbec once considered him one of the best dog troopers in the regiment, along with Derin, Caffran and Cocoer. However, after Meryn was given a brevet rank of Sergeant for the Ouranberg raid, he took a liking to rank privileges and was taken under Rawne's wing. After this, many Ghosts felt that Meryn had changed, much for the worse. There were rumors within the regiment that, during the Ouranberg raid, he went too far to maintain the secrecy of the mission, and killed several civilians including an old man. He has also steadily grown more abusive and hostile towards fellow Ghosts, and has lost respect in the eyes of more than a few officers, including Gaunt, especially after he and his squad took it upon themselves to savagely beat up the suspected psyker Agun Soric. However, this did not stop his own leadership potential from rising, and he became an able commander after being promoted to Captain. Meryn was also romantically involved with sniper Jessi Banda while Rawne was on Gereon and has shown a bitterness to Rawne born from fear that he would lose his command and girl to him again.