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Fon Tariel

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Fon Tariel was a Vanus Assassin at the time of the Horus Heresy. An unparalleled computer, mathmatical, and strategic genius, he was the first to be recruited by Constantin Valdor for the Officio Assassinorum Execution Force intended to kill Horus. He was skilled in the subtle assassination, such as killing an embezzler by intercepting a cash shipment to him and planting forged data-bills, resulting in his co-conspirators murdering him out of suspicion.[1a]

However despite his skills, he was a small man who had never left the safety of his base on Terra or seen real combat. He nonetheless took part in the mission led by the Vindicare Assassin Eristede Kell to kill Horus, deploying drones and gun turrets to penetrate the Warmasters Refractor Field and allow Kell to seemingly score a direct headshot on the traitorous Primarch.[1c] However it soon became clear that the killed Space Marine was Luc Sedirae, who was serving as Horus' body double. Tariel fled the scene, where he soon encountered the Daemon Pariah hybrid known as Spear. Despite employing advanced weaponry such as Psyk-out grenades and Psyber-Eagles, Tariel was quickly dispatched by the Daemonic assassin.[1c]