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Mirror-Caliban is a mysterious mist-shrouded realm that the Dark Angels' Primarch Lion El'Jonson can enter at will; it resembles the ancient forests of his Homeworld, Caliban.[1i]


It is speculated by the Primarch to be a realm that is adjacent to the Warp[1j], which was perhaps conjured from El'Jonson's youthful memories, as he slumbered for millennia[2]. The forest also never seems to end, no matter how far someone travels[1e], and is home to the Watchers in the Dark[1a] and the Great Beasts that the Primarch once hunted[1e]. The only other inhabitant in Mirror-Caliban is an old wounded king who slowly bleeds from his injuries and is always stalked by hungering shadows. Though he wishes to, the king can not talk and simply stares into space or directly at those he sees. According to a Watcher in the Dark, however, the king is capable of answering questions, should the right one be asked of him. He can either be found fishing on a boat in a river[1a] or sitting within a castle that is located nearby[1j]. Wherever the king is, though, hungering shadows always reside close to him[1a][1h]. They can be a threat to anyone who gains the shadows' attention, but they will never wander far from the old king's side.[1a]


For reasons unknown, El'Jonson awoke in Mirror-Caliban in M42 without his memories, after millennia of sleeping since the original Caliban's destruction. After encountering the old king on the river, whose waters played a song that he could hear, El'Jonson was approached by a Watcher in the Dark and he asked it where they were. The diminutive figure would simply reply Home, before informing the Primarch of the king's condition and to beware of the shadows that dwell near him. El'Jonson then moved on and discovered a domed building, but once more the Watcher appeared and warned the Primarch against entering it, stating he was not yet strong enough to safely do so. When an annoyed El'Jonson asked what he should be doing instead to make sense of where he was, the Watcher told the Primarch to follow his nature. This led El'Jonson to follow a stench of corruption until the trees of Mirror-Caliban[1a] were replaced by those of the ruined world Camarth[1b]. It was there that the Primarch encountered the Fallen Angel Zabriel, which caused El'Jonson's memories to return to him.[1c]

The two would then work together to save the Imperial world from the Ten Thousand Eyes Warband[1e]. And as time went on, the Primarch learned how to freely enter Mirror-Caliban and use it to reach other worlds[1i]. By focusing on where he wants to go, El'Jonson causes the location to slowly appear within the realm, until its forest finally fades away and the Primarch enters his destination[1e]. This ability is known as the Forestwalk, which also allows El'Jonson to take others with him upon these journeys[1e][1i], and the Primarch has used it to great effect in his battles against the Imperium's foes. To them, an apparition of the forest suddenly appears from nowhere and then fades away after the Primarch walks out of it[2]. Despite this ability, though, El'Jonson sometimes enters Mirror-Caliban after sensing something drawing his attention to the realm. Upon doing so, he is then teleported to another location[1e], which El'Jonson discovers contains Fallen Angels[1g]. The Primarch does not know, however, if this feeling that leads him to his wayward sons is an instinct of his or if another force within Mirror-Caliban is pulling him towards the Fallen Angels.[1f]

The mysterious realm also once held the power sword[1d] Fealty[1e] and the Emperor's Shield[1j], until both were discovered by El'Jonson[1e][1j]. The latter was contained in the domed building the Watcher had warned him against entering, and upon doing so anyway, El'Jonson fought a daemon that could shape-shift into the forms of his brother Primarchs. This ability caused him to be overwhelmed by the creature, until El'Jonson found the Emperor's Shield within the building and used its powers to destroy the daemon.[1j]