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Forge of Souls

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The Forge of Souls is a workshop which crafts the unholy weapons of Daemons.


It is unaligned to any of the four main Gods of Chaos, and is located in the Formless Wastes of the Realm of Chaos, where it is perpetually cloaked in a pall of black, oily fumes and dominated by the wailing of uncountable tortured spirits. Blind, ever-mutating Daemon craftsmen work the forges, while their black fires are fueled by the souls of the damned and the colossal screaming bellows are manned by legions of semi-sentient nightmare creatures.[Needs Citation]

Among the Forge's creations are the terrifying Soul Grinders. For the chance to be fused with a mechanical construct and become a Soul Grinder, higher-ranked Daemons duel with each other in a never-ending battle in the ash plains outside the Forge. The Masters of the Forge providently make newborn Soul Grinders take the three Oaths of the Iron Pact before releasing them[Needs Citation]:

  1. All the souls harvested by the great blades of the Soul Grinder will be used for the fueling of the Forge;
  2. All the wrecked remains of all war machines destroyed by the adamantium claws of the Soul Grinder will be offered to the Forge;
  3. Should any of the Chaos Gods attack the Forge of Souls and try to rule it, the Soul Grinder must discard all of their previous loyalties and fight in its defence.

Warpsmiths are able to utilize the power of the Forge of Souls to construct their Daemon Engines.[1]