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The Forgefather is a veteran Salamander who travels the universe seeking out the lost Artefacts of Vulkan and information on the fate of the Primarch of the Salamanders. Upon becoming Forgefather the Salamander also takes on the name of Vulkan. While this post takes him away from the Chapter, he is nevertheless held as one of the lords of the Chapter and granted a seat on the Pantheon Council.[1]


The first Forgefather, T'kell, never used Vulkan's name and was originally charged with destroying a great many artefacts forged by the primarch.[3] At T'kell's plea, Vulkan agreed to let him choose seven artefacts to survive, which he was to lock away in the Wrought if Vulkan fell at Isstvan V.[4a]

At some point the role of Forgefather became traditional rather than unique, taking up the role of searching for the lost artefacts and the name of the primarch. The first of the artefacts were not recovered until M41.[4] The Necron Overlord Trazyn has shown great interest in the artefacts, and is believed to have been behind the demise of several past Forgefathers.[2]

Known Forgefathers

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