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Forgotten Fleets

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Forgotten Fleets was a concept inspired by an excerpt from Codex: Tyranids. Six Games Workshop hobbyists created their own Tyranid creatures using existing Games Workshop models and then wrote background details to go with them.

The excerpt reads: "Many of the Magos Biologis who claim to be experts in the true nature of the Tyranid threat believe that the Tyranids of Behemoth were not the first to enter our galaxy. They were merely the first to arrive in large numbers. Archaeological evidence indicates there were potential Tyranid contacts long before the 41st millennium.

"We can only speculate whether these contacts were from proto-hive fleets, a long-range scouting force, or even creatures fleeing ahead of the oncoming Tyranid fleets."[1]

Ramblin' Snapper

An off-shoot of the Tyranid genus. This creature can be found on many different worlds, especially in the jungles of Death Worlds. Although unusually stealthy for its size and form, the Snapper's favoured tactic is to build up a little speed and trample its prey before employing its massive claws to tear them apart. This strategy works well against fearful animals and those not trained to stand their ground. However, the clumsiness of this top-heavy bipedal creature can be used against it. Imperial troops that have more than a moment to react can usually dodge the beast's initial charge and can often destroy it before it gets its bearing and returns to finish the job.[2]

Kromlok Dangler

The flying Tyranid Kromlok Dangler is found only in the mountains of Kromlok. It is fast and attacks with a barb extending from its torso. It can grow up to 5m and can carry up to 65 kg.[3]

Arenea Stalker

The spider-like Arenea Stalker lives on asteroids in the Mordant Zone. It creates zero gravity webs in rocky tunnels to snare its prey.[4]


This desert creature lives on the world of Erakeen. It attacks with venom and pulls its victims beneath the sand.[5]


Or Zoats. A centaur-like race aboard Hive Fleet Colossus. Bore many similarities to other Tyranid hive fleets, but had obviously encountered unique environs and thus evolved differently. Chief among these strange traits were their ability to use normal Tyranid weapon-symbiotes (although it seems that equipping themselves with these bio-armaments is quite painful), and the unique talent of communicating telepathically with other organisms. Although the Colossi claimed to be slaves escaping some unnamed oppressor, these aliens turned on Imperial forces. Thus began the xenocidal 50-year Zorastra-Attila wars that ended with the destruction of the entire Hive Fleet Colossus.[6][13]

Leaping Thornsnake

A degenerate form of Ravener. It lives on worlds of the Eastern Fringe. It tunnels beneath the ground and attacks with horns and by firing needles from its head. Its can leap after foes using its powerful tail.[7]

Dakkarian Brain Slug

This parasite attaches itself to the back of its host's head and takes over its mind. It lives in the jungles of Dakkar, a Death World.[8]

Gorzal Swamp Lurker

As its name suggests, this creature hides in swampy waters and surprises its foes. It attacks with large bladed arms and tries to drag its prey towards its mouths. It can grow to up to 120m in length and has crab-like legs.[9]

Brood Crawler

A cross between a Termagant and a Carnifex, this creature uses its massive claws for both movement and attack. It chops up its prey into little pieces before eating them. It is blind and navigates by sonar.[10]

Horror of Icthiam

Similar to the Zoanthrope. It is parasitic and uses psychic powers to attract weak-willed hosts which it then controls.[11]

Shelled Slasher

A burrowing creature found on rocky Drisdan III. Possibly a Tyranid seed-creature, it has a heavily armoured body and can retreat into its shell if need be. It attacks with talons and head-butts.[12]

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