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Foronika Argovon

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Foronika Argovon is believed to have been a Rogue Trader, who discovered the Argovon System.[1]

The System's myths state that Argovon was a great hero who was determined to bring its worlds into the Emperor's domain. Numerous records across the Argovon System described her as being tall, strong, brave and truest of the true. Recent research done by the Historitor Alfus Rekorik Smigh, though, has led him to concluded that Argovon was likely a Rogue Trader from a long disgraced, heavily indebted and impoverished family. By sheer fortune she happened to stumble across the System that now bears her name, and the enormous mineral wealth on the planet Argovon, which she named after herself. Smigh thinks that after Argovon's fortunes greatly changed by her discovery, the Rogue Trader decided to "correct" her story and restore some regard to her family name. While Smigh states these accounts about Argovon are terribly transparent in their lies and hyperbole, he has decided not to share his discovery. The Historitor claims that in the Age of the Dark Imperium, the great unwashed masses of Mankind need stories like Argovon's, now more than ever.[1]

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