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Fort Excalibris

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Galaxy map segmentumobscurus.jpg
Small cross.pngFort Excalibris

Fort Excalibris is a Deathwatch Watch Fortress located in the Segmentum Obscurus[1].

In late M41, its Kill-Teams were stretched to the breaking point as they dealt with multiple ongoing Xenos threats. This included the Dark Eldar redoubling their attacks around the Crucible of Tales, the Necrons of Icnarus pushing towards the Gothic Sector, and the Hrud infestations discovered throughout the Kuypax Reach.[2a]

Since the formation of the Great Rift Fort Excalibris has become trapped within the Imperium Nihilus and alongside Praefex Venatoris is now the primary headquarters and training location for the Deathwatch in the region, replacing Talasa Prime.[3]

Notable Members