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Fortress of the Inquisition

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The Fortress of the Inquisition is the Inquisitorial Fortress located on Terra.[1]

Acting as a de facto headquarters of the Inquisition, it is a sprawling complex built beneath the south polar ice caps. The Fortress, deep underground, is heavily warded and equipped with psyker dampening devices and null-fields. Only members of the Inquisition and sparse numbers of doomed prisoners are permitted to enter the underground complex. The Fortress is a vast and sprawling, with transportation provided by maglev transportation.[1]

The Fortress is overseen by a senior Inquisitor known as The Castellan, which changes every year to ensure no single man or woman can establish a powerbase over the facility.[1]

Known Locations

  • The Sigillite's March: The central gate and entrance of the facility, named after Malcador the Sigillite. It is a hundred meters wide and a thousand meters long.[1]
  • Camera Stellata: An octagonal conference hall used for great Conclaves. It is the most heavily warded location in the facility.[1]